Monday, 21 January 2013

The Square and Semicircle Book

A Book is like a Garden in the Pocket (1997), like the box, was made by adapting the same Japanese card structure.  I wanted to reflect geometrical parterre gardens, also a product of  ideas and ingenuity, so it was appropriate to use the square and semicircle pattern as a starting point.

Back then I was very keen to use the materials of illuminated manuscripts, and in this case I used calfskin vellum for the 'pages' and made the drawings with a dip pen and gouache.

My starting point was again the same square and circle pattern.  
I cut two squares and three semi circles out of book board.  
The vellum pages were cut slightly smaller and the spine piece in my case was about 1 cm thick. 
Because of the thickness of the book board when the three semicircles are folded on top of one another, you need to leave a gap between the square and semicircle pieces before assembling the structure, so it sits well when the semicircular pieces are folded in.
I first glued the vellum spine along its edges to the outer side of both squares.
The joins and edges were all covered in Japanese paper and the vellum pages containing the drawings
were glued onto the book in the appropriate places. 

I do a lot of work with circles and use a compass cutter which can cut circles up to 15 cm. in diameter but I also sometimes just use my favourite tool, my Fiskars scissors.


dinahmow said...

I had never even thought of making this fold as a book! But I've used the basic fold often;because the flaps tuck in so neatly it's a good way to send a folded bank note inside the card.
Thank you for the explanation, Helen.

Amanda said...

This is really beautiful Helen. I love it!
I bought some calfskin vellum in Paris last year - I had never seen it available here. So far I just keep taking it out and looking at it. It seems to precious to risk messing up!
And a compass cutter!! I've never seen one of these either, but I think I may have to find myself one very soon...

pennypeckham said...

This is lovely, Helen. I like everything about it. The drawings are beautiful and the form is so neat! I can image it fitting beautifully into the hand.

Vicki said...

Really lovely, thanks so much for sharing more of this delightful book.

Jack Oudyn said...

Magic as always! Thanks for sharing Helen, like Amanda I'll be on the look-out for a circle compass cutter.

Helen M said...

For those interested in the compass cutter, I've had mine for probably ten years and I bought it at Oxlades Art Supplies in Brisbane.

Helen M said...

I should have added to the last comment that the brand of the compass cutter is Olfa and the Model No of mine is CMP-1. The pack says it cuts papers, films, leathers, vinyl and rubber.

dinahmow said...

This may also be helpful - quilters' supplies sell such cutters.