Thursday, 30 May 2013

Impressions seven

Impress Printmakers will be holding their annual member's exhibition Impressions seven at the Metcalfe Gallery, Brisbane Institute of Art, 41 Grafton Street, Windsor, in Brisbane from the 31 May to 12 June.
The exhibition will include fine art prints, drawings and artists books.  I am a member of Impress and have used their studio facilities on the odd occasion, but haven't participated in their exhibitions before, as I don't usually make fine art prints.  However Glenda Orr rang me and invited me to submit some of my artists books this year. It is nice to be exhibiting something in Brisbane, as my work seems to travel all over the world more often.  
The three small Book Art Object books that I made last year will be on display with my book Time Travel.  A photographer from the local newspaper arrived yesterday to photograph them and I believe they will be publishing an article about the exhibition next week.
I'm actually very fond of  prints and will be on the lookout for something wonderful that I just can't bear to live without.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

2013 Libris Awards

The River City, Eyewitness Document has been selected for the Libris Awards at Artspace Mackay which will be opened on Saturday 11 May and continues until 30 June.
This book documents the 2011 flood in Brisbane.  I digitally manipulated photographs I had taken in the Yeronga/Fairfield area showing the river inundating houses and parkland, the thick residual mud, and the mud covered debris piled up on footpaths. The book is an overall expression of these heartbreaking images and of the horror experienced by the flood-affected residents.  
The long brown expanding structure of multiple concertinas sewn together, suggests the river itself and photographs of the mud and debris are contained within the structure, just as the real objects were submerged within the expanding river.  I am hoping that the book will be exhibited as I intended, as this sculptural display is part of the concept.