Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Australian Bookbinders Exhibition

As you will all have noticed by the few blog posts, this year has been a bit of a write-off for me as far as my artists books are concerned.  I have been almost totally occupied with other unrelated things that needed priority.

I did however make a book about WWI called Si Vis Pacem which went to the exhibition "Pieces for Peace 14-18" which is due to open in a few weeks time in Ypres in Belgium and will be on exhibition from 21 November until 14 December at the Cultuurcentum Het Perron te Ieper.

I decided to make a small edition of 4, but one didn't quite meet the standard and got tossed, so it is now an edition of 3.  

Another one of these will be exhibited in the 2014 Australian Bookbinders Exhibition which will be held in the Art Gallery of NSW Research Library from the 19 November to 13 December, coincidentally almost the same dates as the exhibition in Ypres!