Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Bloggie Award

is for ronnie (also known as Rhonda Ayliffe) who blogs here. Much to my surprise I am the recipient of one of her blog awards - such a nice gesture on Valentine's Day, and especially to someone new to the game and not that efficient so far. I'm still working on setting up the blog, and she didn't even qualify it as a 'newcomer trying hard' award. So thank you ronnie for thinking of me!
I'm awarding only one blog award (for five reasons) instead of five awards and yes, you guessed it, the award goes to ronnie : (1) a fantastic artist working across a range of media, including artists books and book installations - you can also check out her website here (2) a scholar working for her PhD, whilst juggling her artwork with study, family, running a farm, other work and being involved in her small rural community. (3) her expertise as a blogger - everywhere I've travelled in blogland I see ronnie's blog listed on that site because of her fun, informative, and artistic content. (4) her friendship and helpfulness to me personally since the day I met her in 2007 and (5) her willingness to share her knowledge by way of posts or her wise and fun comments.

So here's to you ronnie, have a great day.

1 comment:

ronnie said...

ahhhhh double blush! you're too sweet

(ps I LURVE that 'R' stack! I hadn't thought of making letters from book stacks.... mostly I think because I get carried away playing with matches ;~)