Saturday, 24 March 2012

Ready to go

After much procrastination I went out to find a suitable post box for the BAO books. Well of course there was nothing readymade suitable for my unusually shaped books - anything small was too shallow.
I ended up buying some readymade postboxes and cutting them in half, then inserting the book and bubble wrap into some folded cardboard like a kind of drawer on the open side, and wrapping all in brown paper and twine, always trying to find the happy medium between being strong enough but not too heavy.

I'm hoping they all arrive in perfect condition and they weighed in at less than 250 gms. the lowest post rate, which was great.

So the books will be posted on Monday and members of group 5 can expect to receive them, depending on where you live, within the next week or so.


Fiona Dempster said...

It sounds like this project has been one creative modification/adaption the whole way! I'm sure the recipients will be thrilled with their parcels.

Helen M said...

Yes,that's a very good way to describe it Fiona.

Amanda said...

Well done Helen! Congratulations on finishing your edition.