Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Zine Give-away

After receiving zines from Amanda, Jack and ronnie, and a lovely bookmark from Robyn, I've made my first zine.  It's called Guess who's coming to dinner and involves guessing the identity of the included artists - some are easy, some more difficult and one quite obscure.

So if you'd like to receive one just email your postal address to me by going to the 'Contact' section of my website http://www.visualartist.info/helenmalone and you'll receive one in the mail.


rObfOs said...

Being lucky enough to already have one of these any little zines I can say I garnered much fun trying to work out who was who, as you say Helen, there are easy ones, ones to think about and one that is an absolute stinker to work out :)

Helen M said...

Thanks Robyn, I've sent out the new ones with the answers sealed in the envelope so you can look when you get frustrated.

dinahmow said...

My little teaser arrived today and without my glasses I'm sure I spotted Dali.But I'll have a better look later, wearing my new reading specs.
It is a little treasure though, so thank you, Helen.

ersi marina said...

I'd never guessed who was coming to dinner tonight! What a wonderful, fun company to dine with. I'll have to spend the afternoon cooking for those revered artists :)
Your zine arrived today and I'm thrilled to have it, thank you very much, Helen.

Velma said...

it's a great and fun zine! many many thanks!