Thursday, 20 September 2012

More Bookbinding

I've spent the morning sewing up a small edition of four books ready to be bound in a French Simplified binding.  The book is a story about the life of my father-in-law who is celebrating his 95th birthday.

In 2009 I bound a similar type of book written by my mother about her life.  The binding was a clean cut French simplified binding in pink and dark blue leather.


Amanda said...

Oh! they are so neat Helen. I hope you'll write more about this as it progresses. I'm interested to see how it compares with the binding I did in Paris.

ronnie said...

I love that top pic... but what's that tool on the right (I'm assuming its a tool.... maybe its something else?)

Helen M said...

Thanks Amanda,I'd be happy to post about the progress. I'd also be interested in hearing about your Parisian binding.

Hi ronnie, I love those pics of books when they're just sewn too. The 'tool' that crept into the picture is a old 1 kg weight which is great for placing on the section you're sewing to hold it firmly (I don't have an old-fashioned bookbinder's sewing frame).

ersi marina said...

I'd love to see the process too. Those four books are so enticing!