Tuesday, 26 August 2014

A First Novel

Middle-Aged Men in Lycra is the first novel written by my husband, Ross Davies.  It has just been published by Boolarong Press here in Queensland.

The blurb on the back of the book says :

“In 1969 the streets of Brisbane are rocked by a violent street demonstration against the Vietnam War. Two teenagers, Griff and Mia, take centre stage in the incident. In the following months, they find themselves positioned on opposite sides of a love triangle that is about to be torn apart following the tragic death of a young soldier in Vietnam.
Fast forward thirty five years and Griff’s life is in crisis after the death of his wife and the subsequent loss of his job. Alienated from everything that once defined his world, he meets up with a disparate group of cycling mates every morning at a cafe in the Southbank Parklands. The antics of the other riders provide a perfect diversion as they try to convince him to join them on a night out to find a new partner. However, he soon discovers that one of his friends, John Kelly, also holds the key to what happened in Vietnam and this ultimately sets Griff off on a quest to find Mia again.
The book reveals an up-close and intimate view of Brisbane’s cafe culture and a cycling fraternity dominated by middle-aged men in lycra. Shifting time frames allow the reader to peer through a window into a turbulent period of our recent past.”

Ross did his first book signing at Dymocks at Carindale in Brisbane last Saturday.

For anyone wanting a signed copy or to have a chat with the author he will also be signing books at the following bookstores.:
Angus and Robertson, Post Office Square, Brisbane City, Friday 5 September, 2014
New Farm Editions, Merthyr Village, New Farm, Saturday 20 September, 2014
Angus and Robertson, Brookside Shopping Centre, Mitchelton, Saturday 18 October, 2014
Copies of Middle-Aged Men in Lycra are also available online from Boolarong Press or on Amazon.


dinahmow said...

Well done, Ross! Very much my era and,somewhere in a dusty attic, is a discarded rough of my Vietnam story...
I'll have to read this.

rObfOs said...

Sounds like the perfect read for my own MAMIL.
Congratulations on the publishing. I hope Ross is enjoying the ensuing excitement. Look forward to the next as well to find out a little bit about your own family story.

Helen M said...

Thank you Di and Rob. Ross really appreciates your interest.

Barry said...

H - please congratulate R for me - the title is so intriguing. B