Wednesday, 19 November 2014

A Book Trailer

A few weeks ago my younger son, Tristan Davies, made a video for Ross's book Middle-Aged Men in Lycra.  Tristan does this for a living.

All involved enjoyed participating and making the video and I got to drive the car from which Tristan filmed the men in action.

A great Christmas present if you've got a cyclist in the family, and Ross has had much positive feedback from women readers who have loved the unfolding story of the men's past and present lives, and the quality of his writing.


dinahmow said...

I thought I might get this for Peter, though he hasn't ridden a bike since his Vancouver days!
(btw - I recognise the jacarandas!)

Helen M said...

Thanks Di, great to hear from you. I was just editing the post!
The jacarandas were beautiful along that stretch at the University of Queensland where that section of the film was made(and in our Jacaranda Park over the road).