Monday, 26 January 2015

Back to the Front

Well it is back to the front again with the completion of this artists book that I started in 2014.  I made a bookbinding version of this book with text called Si Vis Pacem which has been exhibited twice and I wanted to make a more visual book on the subject as well.

I ended up making four copies of this book, and with the three bookbinding type books, it amounted to a lot of drawing of white crosses.  I almost felt like I'd drawn enough crosses to cover the number of dead on the Western front.

Like the first book, the idea behind the book is that of time travel, back to the Western Front in France.  Photos of real battlefields I had taken in France were transformed by digital manipulation into the dark deathly landscapes of the war.  Drawings of crosses as symbols of the dead were added in white charcoal for the viewer to reflect on the price that had to be paid for peace.  Like the first book, I collaged a leather landscape to the cover with white foil tooling of crosses.

Each of the four books has a designated exhibition to go to this year, and the first one has been sent off to Western Australia and will be exhibited in 'Between the Sheets' at the Central Gallery, Central Institute of Technology, 12 Aberdeen Street, Perth WA from the 6th March to 2nd April 2015.
Other books are going to Caloundra Regional Gallery for "Of War and Peace, Anzac Centenary Commemoration Exhibition from 25th March to 10th May, Personal Histories Exhibition at Redland Art Gallery, Cleveland from 29th March to 10th May, and the fourth one will be going to France.

It was great to get work that had been hanging over from 2014 finished and I've made a great start to 2015 with a number of pieces for other exhibitions coming up this year - more soon! 


Fiona Dempster said...

A great start to your year Helen and each of the books is beautiful and stunning. Thanks for helping me think my way through making editions or variants; a new world is opening for me!

susan bowers said...

I really love this version of your book Helen. Managed to see it in the flesh so to speak, at Fiona's. I will get onto my variants next week I hope! x

marleen derweduwen said...

Prachtig boek! Veel succes op de tentoonstellingen.