Monday, 23 February 2015

Into the Void

Into the Void (at the space between day and night) is a new book I've made this year.  The structure is one I've used before as a circular shape, but I wanted this one to sit like a fan.  The front depicts day and shows parts of figures painted in black ink disappearing up into the top of the book coloured an orangey sunset colour and painted in gouache.

The book is wider at the base and double sided, the back being the night and showing the outlines of figures drifting around in the space.

The cover is of faux black and white leather with a paper insert and leather spine.

This is one of my books that will be on display at the Cairns Regional Gallery in 4 x 4, featuring three sculptural books each by four FNQ artists and four SEQ artists organised by Rose Rigley and Fiona Dempster.  They will then be displayed in Brisbane in the middle of the year.


Amanda said...

Oh this is beautiful work Helen. Such strong use of colour to expressive effect. Congratulations!

jac said...

Very dramatic. I love the structure.

Helen M said...

Thank you Amanda and Jac. Lovely to hear from you both. This year I hope to be present more on my blog and yours.