Saturday, 19 May 2012

The River City goes to New York

Two books are just about to make their way to the Center for Book Arts in New York for the exhibition Book as Witness: The Artist's Response, to be held from 11th July to 22nd September. 

The River City is a book I made last year following the floods in Brisbane which affected the river suburb I live in.  I was one of the lucky ones who was an eyewitness but escaped being inundated.  Maria Pisano, the curator of the exhibition asked me if I could also send a copy of The Battle Within (which seems to be having a second life this year) and she asked Monica Oppen for her book Stabat Mater.  Maria had seen both these books in Monica's great catalogue The Silent Scream. Political and Social Comment in Books by Artists which is available not only in Australia but in the United States too.

PS 20th May : Thanks to news from Amanda, The Silent Scream by Monica Oppen and Peter Lyssiotis has won a gold medal for Independent Writing/Publishing in the 2012 Independent Publishers Book Awards open to authors and publishers worldwide who produce books in English for the North American market.


Amanda said...

That's wonderful Helen. Congratulations! River City certainly has the right brown, river mud look of the Brisbane R.
Did you hear the Silent Scream has won an independent publishing award? More great news!

Helen M said...

Thanks Amanda. I didn't know about the publishing award but have googled it and found out! Will congratulate Monica and add a PS to the post - thanks for telling me.