Friday, 28 August 2015

Troops Depart for War

It seems I'm still not ready to be finished with commenting on World War I.  
It came to my attention recently that the letters DIE are part of the word 'SOLDIER'.
I've made a few books about the unbelievable loss of life by soldiers serving in WW1 and I couldn't resist making a little zine using this.

I printed an A4 Kraft paper page with the word Soldier in murky green and highlighted the letters DIE in black.  I placed the words in columns like a battalion marching off to war.
The page was then folded and placed into a Kraft card cover onto which I 
glued an image of a WWI commemorative stamp which carries the words 'Troops Depart'.

I'd be delighted to send one to anyone who sends me their postal address.  You can contact me by email through my website


susan bowers said...

Hello Helen - I would love one of these little zines please. Came on line to write and say that I am almost finished the work I have for you, and Jack, and will bring it down with me when I come to collect work from the Library. Hope we all have time to collect and then sit and eat and chat! x

Helen M said...

Lovely to hear from you Susan, I've been thinking of you being so busy with your exhibition coming up soon. It will be lovely to catch up when the work needs to be collected. Meanwhile I'll put one of the little zines in the mail for you. Hx

Amanda said...

The simplest works are often the most powerful, I find. This is a good example of that.

Helen M said...

Thanks Amanda, I've popped one in the mail for you.

Rohini Sharma said...

Lovely post..... Thanks for sharing.
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