Sunday, 1 November 2015

A Unique Piece of Leather

It has been very quiet here as I have been occupied by other things, however I hope to be working and posting regularly about my books again.

I made a small book a few months ago called Makes No Sense about World War 1.  It proved to be popular and the edition of 20 have all gone.  As the topic of war seems to be one of my favourite subjects, I decided to make a unique copy for myself.

I sewed the book together in sections and put a black leather spine on it.  I wondered what to do with the cover and remembered I had a great piece of leather stashed away that I had bought as a dud  faulty piece because the black dye had not penetrated fully and had left a kind of tie-dye mark in one or two areas of the skin.  I thought it looked great and decided to use it for the covers of this book.

The front cover (above) also had two holes in the leather which I filled with
red acrylic paint.
Below is a view of the pattern on the back cover.

The final view shows the completed book covers.


Fiona Dempster said...

Stunning Helen! I love it when the 'dud' is actually the perfect piece; and how when the time is right; its perfect-ness will appear! Go well.

Jack Oudyn said...

What a beautiful DUD! And apopropriate red stoppers! Unique in the best sense.

Sue Marrazzo said...