Tuesday, 18 April 2017

The Ruin of Ruins

Like others I am moved by the tragedy of war, the loss of homeland and human suffering in Syria 
and also by the needless and wilful destruction of culture and heritage, particularly at Palmyra, 
one of the most important sites in Syria.  
Destroying a people's historical and cultural sites is an attempt to erase them 
from history and memory.

When I read the line in a news article - 
'A Syrian fighter stood sobbing loudly in the old ruins'
I wanted to sob too and felt compelled to make this book.


vonleidenberg said...

Beautiful and very moving work!

claude said...

pretty work!

Jack Oudyn said...

Another beautiful book about such a horrible event.

dinahmow said...

I cannot abide TV news on when it is dinner time!
And I cannot abide the news at anytime!
Like you, Helen, I try to find an expression trough art.Though, I have to say, my expression often more flippant. Perhapaps I want to reachthat side od society...

Fiona Dempster said...

Oh Helen - a tragedy unfolds and continues to unfold, relentlessly, and we need to respond somehow - and you have done a remarkable thing here.

Helen M said...

Thank you Solveig, Claude, Jack, Di and Fiona for your kind words.

I think subjects about war seem to find me Fiona, I'm easily upset by the suffering and hardship and moved by the courage of people faced with such injustice, persecution and challenges to survive.

I'm not sure why the book should be beautiful Jack and Solveig, but hopefully it will make people look into it and think about the message it conveys.

vaiybora said...

good blog post comment,thank for your sharing