Wednesday, 3 May 2017

New Website

Apart from this blog, I have had a website which contains a portfolio of much of my work over the past twenty six years.
 It includes examples of some of my early books, like The Roman Alphabet, 1993 pictured above.
This website will be discontinued on 3rd June 2017.

I have a new website Helen Malone Visual Artist which contains the same content but has a new look. You will find it here.  
There is also a permanent link to the new website under my profile on the sidebar of this blog.


Jack Oudyn said...

Love your new website Helen.

Amanda said...

Congratulations Helen, the new website looks wonderful. And what an impressive CV! xo

claude said...

a great pleasure to discover your other site!
thank you

Helen M said...

Thank you Jack, Amanda and Claude, it took a lot of time to set it up and type everything in, but it certainly looks fresher and more up to date than the old website.

vaiybora said...

good blog post comment,thank for your sharing